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United Nations of BBBarcelona…

I think maybe that I’m too busy to keep this blog up?  I don’t know…  Anyway, Tout and I are over in Barcelona preparing the Odessa booth for the show which starts on Wednesday.  With any luck we should be done by today… Wont happen…


Alphabeat in Plymouth…

So after some travel confusion and stuff (me missing the train that Chris was on) Dolphin, Chris and I made it down to Plymouth to spend some time hanging out with and interviewing Alphabeat before their gig.

Up: During his research Chris discovered that little Anders collects mugs.  Unfortunately Little Anders was not able to make the interview but we discovered that Troels had a sort of competition with Anders on the mug collecting front.  So we gave Troels this one of a kind SYWP Radio mug!  He was stoked!  Anders might be jealous…

Up: A little snap of Anders from the photo pit which I was only allowed to be in for the first 3 songs.  Still good, sweaty fun though.

Up: Stine

All in all a lovely day out…



Well, Reading was pretty epic and not as much pure hell as at times I thought that it might be.

The campsite wasn’t as much fun as everyone hyped it up to be but I did spend most of my time there either bunnin zoots or corpsed in my tent.

I took a lot of photos but it’s late and I can’t really be bothered to post too many as I really should be sleeping.

Up: That’s just great… more after the jump…

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I’m off…

See you there or in a couple of days…


Mt. Hawke is a RISC…

I went down to Mount Hawke this weekend with Dolphin, Sam, Martin, Paul and Ant to get some clips and encourage some kids to ride bikes and skate through the local YMCA and Darren’s R.I.S.C skatepark trips.

It was a fun time all in all, few injuries, Cash with a broken leg, some dude with a fractured hand and Chase twatting his head off a wall so hard that it made him look even stupider…  Haha!

Basically all that I did for the whole trip…


And the posse jumping…


The booth is done!!

After 3 grueling days of work, from Tout and Chris (I’ll be the first to admit I’m a better foreman than worker…) the BBB booth is done and is looking pretty fresh.

Check it out!


Protect Ya Noggin’

Toby Forte’s Protect Ya Noggin’ jam is going off at Decoy tomorrow after a few bad weather delays.

I’m gutted that I can’t be there as Decoy Jams are usually a real good time.  Anyway, it’s all in aid of a great charity so get down there and support it!!