Like I said in the previous post I spent the whole of yesterday photoshooting various shoes and people for the Odessa A.W.09 brochure which I am going to have to spend the next week putting together.

The morning was spent in the studio shooting some of the team members, the local ones mainly, the ones who got out of bed and the ones that didn’t have to work…

Here’s a few snaps which may or may not get used!

Up: Squibby, Bomber, Wilson

Up: I like this one of Cal so much that it’s already in the brochure…

Up: Sambo, hop bars…

Up: Froin’ Dolphin up…

Up: Frophined up!

Up: I hate him!!

Up: loner…

Up: Some of my favourite people… Wilson, Dolphin, Bomber, Cal, Squibby, Sambo and me in there…


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