Foooman talks Foood…


Foooman loves his Foood, Olly caught up with him to do a quick interview on the topic…

Intro by Olly Baker…

i’ve known Foooman for a few years now, as well as riding his bike something that everyone knows is important to Foooman is getting his dinner on!

There’s not much more to it I guess…





Olly: What’s your full name, age and how long have you been cooking?
Foooman: Jason Thomas Colledge and im 18 been cooking for a while now,about two weeks!

O: So what first got you into cooking? Your love for food or the need to survive?
Fooo: Watching Nath in the kitchen, shittttt that lad knows how to cook, Jamie Oliver who are you?? Nath Gamlin is the reason I know how to cook I guess, oh and me ma but its more a love for food. Eating is the best thing ever!

O: What’s the best meal you’ve ever cooked?
Fooo: well…last nights meal was a stomper,was a joint effort from me and Nathan, good team in the kitchen like. Well what we had was two steaks each some collyflower, broccoli, carrots, peas and the winner was the roastys we made, used me mums recipe there (thanks ma)

last nights...




















Up: Last night’s steak…

Fooo: but today’s sandwich was a sandwich that consisted of smoked bacon, egg cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and some more cheese then topped it off with some pepper and that mite have taken the lead. WHO KNOWS!



O: Sounds sick, do you think the South West BMX/cookery scene should be getting more exposure on a national level? I mean, I was round Musselwhite’s for lunch today and it was killer!
Fooo: I think so, there is some sick chefs around the south west, Dolphin sure knows how to cook, he has his stuff locked down thats for sure. There’s a sick mix up of styles!

Bomber definately has an eye for good food, not sure bout him cooking it but he showed me Wagamama and thats gotta be a winner.

O: yeah, so moving onto wagamama, what is your favourite restaurant?
Fooo: well i have a Wagamama cook book, apron and t-shirt along with some green tea cups courtsey of you Mr. Baker, so I’ll let you do the maths… udon noodle til I die!

O: But why Wagamama, it’s just another noodle bar isn’t it?
Fooo: It’s not just “another noodle bar”, this eating establishment is everything, so clean in there, so quick, food freshly cooked as you order, you can even watch them cook if you like, freshest way to eat, miso ramen soup yummmmmmmmm

At this point I link Foooman to a sick youtube video…

Fooo: hahahaha. Proteinnnnnnnnn!!

O: Thats dogs! So anyway, back to food… What’s your least favourite food?
Fooo: Hmmmm, thats a tough one, mum and dad bought me up well, like I ain’t no fussy eater but collyflower doesn’t really do it for me, I like collyflower cheese though… Hahahaha.

O: Weird, so you just moved to Newport in South Wales, whats the restaurant scene like up there?
Fooo: Well there is this one good place known to the locals thats a banger, it’s an all you can eat Chinese for a fiver… How mint is that, the food is pretty fresh in there too and there is soooooo much to choose from! Not sure of the name but its down a shady alleyway but well worth risking ya virginity for!

O: Sick, well, I guess that just about wraps it up for Foooman talks Foood, any last words of advise for kids starting out cooking or any shout outs?
Fooo: Well for kids starting out cooking, make sure you actually turn the oven on and never go for a lil sleep whilst ya food is cooking, hahaha…

and a big big shout out to Nath for teaching me the tricks of the trade,me ma for coooking bangin meals at home and feedin me well, a shout out to the whole South West BMX click and last but not least shout out to you for this interview and my green tea cup, cheers!


Up: Foooman finishes off another top quality sandwich earlier today!

NB. The worst meal I ever had with Foooman was at an all you can eat Chinese buffet in London’s SoHo, both Foooman and Whiteway can vouch for the badness of this place! Luckily for them I can’t remember what the shit hole was called! Peas!




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